5 reasons to start another blog

1. I read an article recently that got me excited about writing again. The basic thrust of it was:

– don’t use too much Latin-based vocabulary in an effort to sound smart

– don’t use the passive voice too much

– get straight to the point in as plain language as you can.

– writing should be like talking to someone

This all came together in a self realisation: in writing my lesson evaluations I had up til now been writing in an excessively formal way, as I thought this is what was required of me by some unknown higher entity. This is ridiculous. All I want is to be understood and all someone reading me wants is to understand.

So reason number one is to get back into writing.

2. I’ve recently subscribed to a couple of “edublogs” – a term I’d previously been unaware of – and found them to be interesting and enlightening. Both written by men of about my age but with a few more years’ teaching experience behind them, I found I was able to draw a bit of inspiration from them on a semi-regular basis.

Doug Belshaw


3. These edublogs also seemed to be methods of self-discovery for the authors. It’s often said that you have your best ideas while writing, and I wanted to try it out for myself.

4. I’d quite like to track my progress in teaching.

5. Comments. I want to see what people say when they read about my successes and failures in the classroom.


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