Turning Philosophy into images

In my previous post, I wrote about my search for a pictogram which represented Philosophy. As is often the case, a little digging around online revealed that someone had already asked the same question. That someone was Genis Carreras, a young Catalan whose project Philographics reduces a series of philosophical topics to simple geometric designs. The results are beautiful. Sometimes the link between Carreras’ graphics and the ideas they represent is clear, and at other times the link can be obscure. In either case, you can be sure he has thought about it and that such a link exists. This means when you can’t decipher the link, you are presented with a puzzle; just like the process of philosophy, I guess: there are connections that exist between things everywhere (words / things, mind / the world, me / you) and philosophers attempt to decipher what these links are.

You can see the collection of images on Carreras’ website here. Read an interview with him here.


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