How do you put a PowerPoint presentation on a VLE?

Sometimes I get obsessed with dull questions like this. It’s especially tragic at 5:30pm on a Friday afternoon.

Anyway, three ways you can put a PowerPoint presentation on a VLE:

1. Upload a ppt file

✓   Students can download it, cut it up, do what they want with it. They can print it 1 slide to a page, or 6 slides to a page. Whatever. Go nuts.

✗   Students can’t view it in their browser. They have to download it and wait for PowerPoint to open. If the VLE’s a mess and they can’t find the presentation they’re looking for, this can be a real drag.

2. Upload a pdf of the presentation

✓   Students can view it in their browser.

✗   Students can’t cut and paste from it so easily. Printing choices are limited.

3. Both

✓   Lots of choice for the student.

✗   More work for the lecturer, especially if VLE uploading is clunky or slow (I’m looking at you, Blackboard Learn).


Guess what: there isn’t a perfect answer. Maybe if we had VLEs that did all this work for us.

I know this is dull, and I know VLEs have more to offer than just being a virtual filing cabinet. But the truth is, this is one of the main things they’re used for right now. It seems a shame that (1) and (2) are both deficient, and that (3) just creates more tedious work.

3 thoughts on “How do you put a PowerPoint presentation on a VLE?

  1. Yeah, my initial thought was you could upload your Powerpoint presentation to Slideshare and embed. I notice there’s not a Slideshare ‘mashup’ in Learn so it’s unlikely tutors would go to the trouble of uploading, finding the embed code and then pasting in Learn. Shame, because it feels like that approach would be of most benefit to students.

  2. The main benefit of pdfs is that they’re viewable in the browser, so something like that would be good. I reckon the ideal would be:
    1. Lecturer uploads a ppt file
    2. The ppt is made viewable in the browser by a cloud-based tool, though students could also download the ppt if they want.
    This the model Google Drive, Dropbox and Slideshare have been using for ages, so maybe Learn could catch up? :)

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