Blogging about blogging (again)

This blog's practically dead. Look at the date of that last post. October 2015. (hums chorus of Atlantic City to self) I keep reading things that put me off writing. First: "Only write when you've got something to say". Sounds good, except often we figure out what we want to say through the process of writing.… Continue reading Blogging about blogging (again)


Upvotes and online communities

Why do online communities get worse as they get bigger? Programmer Robert Seaton has a pretty good stab at this question in a blog post here. Seaton says we behave better with people when we know we're going to have to interact with them again in the future. The penalty for rudeness in a small community is exclusion from a… Continue reading Upvotes and online communities

Is it worth getting your class to keep a blog? Also: Google Docs

I recently started teaching English Language and Study Skills at University of Brighton's International College. I'm also the guy responsible for the VLE there, which goes pretty well with the stuff we're doing on H800. This week I'm blogging more than usual because we're looking at how to use blogs for educational purposes. I've been… Continue reading Is it worth getting your class to keep a blog? Also: Google Docs