Using storytelling in Philosophy teaching videos

This is an essay I wrote for the course Understanding learning in the online environment, which is part of Edinburgh's MSc Digital Education. Video has long been used to support classroom teaching. However, it is only in the last ten to fifteen years that educators have been able to easily produce and distribute their own videos.… Continue reading Using storytelling in Philosophy teaching videos

How should MOOC designers respond to student silence?

I just finished doing a PGCert in Digital Education, and I thought I'd post a few of things I wrote for it here. This essay was written in April 2016 for the course Introduction to Digital Environments for Learning. A teacher in a secondary school classroom raises her voice above the chatter. “Ok everyone, settling down… Continue reading How should MOOC designers respond to student silence?

Lesson planning, efficiency, and the value of duplicated work

Speaking at Bett last week, Nicky Morgan made noises about reducing teacher workload through the sharing of lesson plans between schools: "Increasingly, curation [of lesson plans] can help to reduce duplication in the system and help to spread good practice from school to school." In this post, I want to take a closer look at this idea of duplication, and… Continue reading Lesson planning, efficiency, and the value of duplicated work

Is it a good idea to record lectures?

In his anti-lecture lecture, Donald Clark makes some well-known arguments about the weaknesses of the lecture format. They encourage passivity; they're too long; they're frequently delivered by introverts who have more expertise in research than spoken communication. It's an interesting talk, and I'd encourage you to have a listen. Here though, I'm going to focus on… Continue reading Is it a good idea to record lectures?