The unbearable permanence of forums

"Try again. Fail again. Fail better." A suitably morose quote from Samuel Beckett: you're always failing, but you can at least fail better than your previous failures. I think it's fair to say that modern education has a difficult relationship with failure. On the one hand, failure is and always has been a bad thing.… Continue reading The unbearable permanence of forums


How do you put a PowerPoint presentation on a VLE?

Sometimes I get obsessed with dull questions like this. It's especially tragic at 5:30pm on a Friday afternoon. Anyway, three ways you can put a PowerPoint presentation on a VLE: 1. Upload a ppt file ✓   Students can download it, cut it up, do what they want with it. They can print it 1… Continue reading How do you put a PowerPoint presentation on a VLE?

Is it a good idea to record lectures?

In his anti-lecture lecture, Donald Clark makes some well-known arguments about the weaknesses of the lecture format. They encourage passivity; they're too long; they're frequently delivered by introverts who have more expertise in research than spoken communication. It's an interesting talk, and I'd encourage you to have a listen. Here though, I'm going to focus on… Continue reading Is it a good idea to record lectures?